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Track, schedule, and manage in-office days while accounting for holidays, vacations, weekends, and WFH days.

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This app respects user privacy and does not collect your data. Information entered into the app is stored locally on the device. It does not display advertisements, use third-party tracking or analytics services, or send data to a server. Apple's built-in analytics system in iOS allows an app's developer to view anonymous metadata; metadata information includes details like crash reports, locale, and the number of sessions. Any data entered into the application is stored locally within the user's device. The developer does not collect or have access to data in the app. Additional details on Apple's built-in analytics system are on their website here.

Users can disable Apple's analytics reports through the following instructions for iOS:

a. Go to "Settings."

b. Select "Privacy & Security."

c. Tap on "Analytics & Improvements."

d. Toggle off "Share With App Developers."

When submitting a support request, users enter an email address. Email addresses are not stored in databases and are for answering support questions. and the Lanyard Hybrid Work Log app reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. The current privacy policy is at If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please submit via the support form located at